Television Category Descriptions


Music Video

An informative & persuasive message produced for a defined audience to promote buying action. Real spots only. No parodies. Length: 30 or 60 seconds

A visual presentation of a musical event/song. Video must be original; entrant must have signed permission of artist.           Time Limit: 5 minutes 


Promotional Spot

Includes extensive reporting about a topic in documentary form or in a series of reports (2-5). No Maximum entry length. Judges will be encouraged to watch at least the first 10 consecutive minutes.

Short announcement to inform and attract audiences for a station’s own programming, to create community awareness of the station or of particular programs, or to create or reinforce the station’s image in the community. Length: 10 or 60 seconds


Public Service Announcement

Fictional presentation segment or program, such as soap operas, drama, comedy, etc. Student production must be original; script does not..Maximum length: No maximum length, minimum length 5:01

Announcement for charitable or other worthwhile endeavor presented for a not-for-profit organization or motive. Length: 30 or 60 seconds

Feature News Story

Sports Play-by-play

A creative news report considered “soft” minutes news that viewers find interesting. Time Limit: 5 minutes

Includes sports announcing play-by-play and color as a live-event presentation of a sports competition. Entry length: Telescoped 10 minute sample

Hard News Story

Sports Story

A news report about issues that have an impact on viewers. Time limit: 5 minutes 

Topical sports package or series. Not a sports segment lifted from a newscast. Time limit: 5 minutes

Entertainment Talk Program


A feature-based, non-fiction, informational non-news program (although news might be included), talk shows, and/or programs addressing community/campus issues. NO NEWSCASTS. No time limit is required 

Newscast produced by students in real-time (to tape) original (first time) production. Post-production is NOT ALLOWED. The newscast is not to be redone with multiple takes or tapings. Entire newscast will be judged on content & production value, not set design. No time limit is required

Informational Video


Includes corporate/instructionsl/industrial audio/visual presentations for training, teaching or other corporate usage. No Maximum entry length. Judges will be encouraged to watch at least the first 10 consecutive minutes. 

This produciton must be a live-to-tape multi-camera program with exclusions includint commercials, bumpers, opens, closes, etc. Limit one entry per school. No time limit is required 

Sports Magazine/Talk Program

Personality Talent Reel

A featured-based, non-fiction sports information program which may include coaches’ shows or pre/post-game shows. No time limit is required. 

Includes compilation of multiple on-air performances in a variety of situations & circumstances demonstrating announcing & production personality, creativity & polish. Need not necessarily be news-related. Maximum Length: 5 minutes