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OBEA 2014






TV Ent.-Narr.-Short Tripp Lopez 1ST (tie) OU Ringbearer
TV Ent.-Narr.-Short Craig Black & Percival Productions 1ST (tie) OU Last Midnight
TV Ent.-Narr.-Short Jason Gwynn 3RD (tie) OU Gopher
TV Ent.-Narr.-Short Katie Gilbert & Lisa Drew 3RD (tie) OBU Sugar
TV Ent.-Narr.-Long Travis Pauley 1ST OC Mom, It's Annie
TV Ent.-Narr.-Long Jonathan Polasek 2ND OBU The Sark Tank Pilot - It's All Sweet
TV Ent.-Narr.-Long Luke Wittmann 3RD OCU Studio 22 - Attacked by Aliens
TV Directing Michael Lindblad 1ST OSU TTU vs OSU Baseball
TV Directing Jenna Mazzoccoli 2ND(tie) OCU Studio 22, Episode 6
TV Directing Nehemiah Knox 2ND(tie) OC Lady Eagles vs USAO
TV Directing Jake Embry 2ND(tie) OBU OBU vs Bacone
TV Video Essay Jeremy Davis & Melissa Neel 1ST (tie) UCO Cabin Fever
TV Video Essay Ashli Bell 1ST (tie) Langston Unpretty
TV Video Essay Hayden Hefner 3RD (tie) OCCC My Brother's Keeper
TV Video Essay Jerrod Mitchell 3RD (tie) Langston Stages
TV Documentary/Series Stewart Perryman & Natalie Cartwright 1ST UCO Arcadia Documentary/td>
TV Documentary/Series Youngsun Yun & Phuong Pham 2ND UCO Escape
TV Documentary/Series Erik Macias & Karl Macias 3RD OU Routes TV - Hell in the Heartland
TV Informational Video Lindsay Webster & Kathryn Wingfie 1ST OU Teenz Rule
TV Informational Video Sara Groover & Nick Szabo 2ND OU Sooner Flight Academy
TV Informational Video Gaylord Hall Productions 3RD OU Rowing
TV Personality Aircheck Mason Prince 1ST OU Mason Prince Sports Talent
TV Personality Aircheck Katie Parish 2ND OSU Katie Parish Demo Reel
TV Personality Aircheck Vanessa Prado 3RD OU Vanessa Prado News Talent
TV Entertainment/Talk Erik Macias & Karl Macias 1ST OU Routes TV - Art Wars
TV Entertainment/Talk Hope Sears & Natalie Price 2ND OSU Pete's Corner: Off-Campus
TV Entertainment/Talk Brett Rostykus & Maddy Cunningham 3RD OSU Pete's Corner: Greek Life
TV Sports Story Matthew McCullock 1ST OU Buddy Hield Summer of Love
TV Sports Story Micah Woodberry 2ND OC Rigel
TV Sports Story Mason Prince 3RD OU Samaje Perine Runs Hard
TV Sports Magazine/Talk Heather Healy & Olivia McKennon 1ST OU Sooner Sports Pad
TV Sports Magazine/Talk Jonathan Polasek & Jake Embry 2ND OBU Bison Insider: Season 2, Episode 4
TV Sports Magazine/Talk Malik Carter 3RD (tie) OU GamedayU Bedlam
TV Sports Magazine/Talk Logan Schantz 3RD (tie) OBU Bison Insider: Season 2, Episode 3
TV Sports P x P Jonathan Polasek & Joshua Claibourn 1ST OBU OBU vs. Langston
TV Sports P x P Chris Brintle & Greg Cimino 2ND OSU OSU vs. Kansas Baseball
TV Sports P x P Michael Bull & Seth Becker 3RD OSU OSU vs. Baylor Softball
TV Feature News Story Caleb Surly 1ST OSU OSU Flight Team
TV Feature News Story Greg Cimino 2ND OSU Tulsa Comic
TV Feature News Story Madi Alexander 3RD OCU Funny & Archaic Laws in OK
TV Hard News Story Madi Alexander 1ST OCU Pothole Problem
TV Hard News Story Allie Haddican 2ND OSU Social Media Solving Crime
TV Hard News Story Scott Martin 3RD UCO Teacher Rally
TV Newscast Mitch Campbell & Brittney Taylor 1ST UCO U-Central News
TV Newscast Lauren King & Olivia McKennon 2ND OU OU Nightly
TV Newscast Cheryl Jorgensen & Sierra Cleverdon 3RD OC Eagle Angle
TV Promo Ad Jake Scott & Caitlin Sabolich 1ST UCO Ethics Conference-Twitter
TV Promo Ad Logan Schantz 2ND OBU Bicycle Thief Trailer
TV Promo Ad Stewart Perryman & Natalie Cartwright 3RD UCO Ethics Conference Promotion
TV PSA Gaylord College Video Group 2 1ST OU Human Trafficking
TV PSA Makenzie Burk 2ND Cameron Firefighters
TV PSA Albany Anderson 3RD OCU Garbage Time
TV Commercial Max Bevan 1ST OU Norman Stamp & Seal
TV Commercial Keaton Nye 2ND OBU Wedding Commercial
TV Commercial Jason Gwynn 3RD (tie) OU Unilever
TV Commercial Gaylord Video Group 1 3RD (tie) OU Coke Commercial
TV Music Video Geoffrey Fogle 1ST OC Easy
TV Music Video Paige Powell 2ND OU With You Now
TV Music Video Mitch Allen 3RD OC When A Heart Breaks


Radio Commercial Margaret Flores 1ST UCO Playtex
Radio Commercial Mike Ipong 2ND UCO Robotic Wednesday
Radio Commercial Todd Spargo 3RD Cameron Bill's Quick Lube
Radio-PSA Mike Ipong 1ST UCO 5 Seconds
Radio-PSA Albert Hellenbuick 2ND UCO Stop Bullying
Radio-PSA Randy Owens 3RD (tie) NWOSU Don't Drink and Hunt
Radio-PSA James Rodriguez 3RD (tie) UCO Trans Awareness
Radio-Promo Ad Houston Gaither & Braeton Hightower 1ST RSU Center-of-the Universe Promo
Radio-Promo Ad Mike Ipong 2ND UCO U-Central Radio
Radio-Promo Ad Gunnhildur Hansdottir 3RD SEOSU Are You Doin' It
Radio Narr. - Short Keegan Parrish 1ST OCCC Rid-of-All
Radio Narr. - Short Hayden Hefner 2ND OCCC Comrades' Clothes
Radio Narr. - Short Nikki Willis 3RD OU The Cell Phone
Radio Narr. - Long Tripp Lopez 1ST OU Mom It's Annie
Radio Narr. - Long Grant Johnson 2ND OU Respect
Radio Narr. - Long Cheryl Jorgensen & Sierra Cleverdon 3RD OC Reliving
Radio Ent. Talk Houston Gaither & Braeton Hightower 1ST RSU Taylor Matthews Interview
Radio Ent. Talk Keegan Parrish & Hayden Hefner 2ND OCCC Trilogy Podcast
Radio Ent. Talk Emily Miller & Brittany Rose 3RD OCCC Girl World Spring Break
Radio-Personality Mike Ipong 1ST UCO Mike on the Mic Talent Reel
Radio-Personality Joel Viezcas 2ND OCCC Joel Viezcas Talent Reel
Radio-Personality Alex Smith 3RD OCCC Alex Smith Talent Reel
Long Form Journalism Sarah Hurd 1ST OU Young Oklahomans Return To Their Farming Roots
Long Form Journalism Molly Evans 2ND OU Painting To Your Own Beat
Long Form Journalism Hayley Thornton 3RD OU Germany's Fascination With Native American Culture
Radio-Sports P x P Reed Ripley, Zach Logsdon 1ST OSU Pawnee vs Morrison FB
Radio-Sports P x P Dan Linblad & Reece Van Haaften 2ND OSU Pawnee vs Chisholm FB
Radio-Sports P x P Michael Bull & Kieran Steckley 3RD OSU OSU Football vs Iowa State
Radio-Sports Magazine/Talk Colby Powell 1ST OSU Orange Nation Sports 10/23/14
Radio-Sports Magazine/Talk Kyle Mutsch 2ND OSU Orange Nation Sports 10/3/14
Radio-Sports Magazine/Talk Graham Coffelt 3RD OSU Orange Nation Sports 11/14/14
Scriptwriting Ashley Leisten 1ST OU Just Being Honest
Scriptwriting Kessiah Neff 2ND RSU Living with Anxiety
Scriptwriting Morgan Lindsey 3RD OC Mary's Lamb